PPE for Royal United Hospital Bath

COVID-19 vs. the NHS

For every new membership sign up, GYDA Member Hub will donate £50 for the purchase of PPE for our local hospital the Royal United Hospital Bath.
We want to help protect our NHS workers, as they selflessly work to protect us.


The COVID-19 crisis continues to create huge challenges for the NHS in the UK. Our healthcare workers from Doctors to Cleaners and Nurses to Maintenance teams are all under incredible pressure, made more pronounced by the lack of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

Inadequate PPE means that the health and wellbeing of our NHS workers is put at unnecessary risk. Would a F1 Driver be forced to race without a helmet? A Diving Instructor without an oxygen tank? A Roofer without scaffolding? Or a Tree Surgeon without a harness? No.


You can read more about the RUH Bath here.

To make a one off donation to the RUH Forever Friends appeal please click here.


Here are some messages from our team.

The RUH is very close to all of our hearts. Listen to our stories...