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GYDA Member Hub is the Digital Agency Leader platform from Robert Craven and  GYDA Initiative. Member Hub integrates a private community of Digital Agency Leaders and GYDA Experts with on/offline resources that support you at every stage of your agency life cycle.

The History

Why and when we launched GYDA Member Hub...

Robert Craven has spent the last ten years working with Digital Agency Leaders. He runs the Google Partners Elevator and Sales Masterclass programs. Heads up GYDA Initiative, a digital agency focussed business consultancy. And has a select group of clients within the Digital Agency Mastermind Forum and Digital Agency Growth Programs.

But Robert wanted to go further, reach more agencies and build a community that supported the leaders and rising leaders of agencies in growing professionally and personally. So in 2020 we launched GYDA Member Hub! A platform dedicated to helping Digital Agency Leaders run their agencies smarter. Filled with resources, events and community, the hub is the place to be if you want to be part of a group that works towards growth in your business and your personal life.

Our team of GYDA experts create a new issue every month. The content is fresh, relevant and current. It is based on the present business and economic climate and includes:

  • Resources include: articles, podcasts, videos, templates, worksheets and whitepapers.
  • Community: Private online community where members can chat, ask questions and collaborate.
  • Events: Q&A seminars, masterclasses, group roundtables, Zoom calls and Clubhouse events.

GYDA Member Hub gives you…

  • More confidence to make tough decisions and choices that impact your life and your business.
  • Realisation and reassurance that you're not alone. Sharing the journey with people that are on the same trajectory as you.
  • Accountability with your peers, business and industry experts to follow through on the plans that you have made.

It does this by combining...

Listen to some of our members talking about their experience. of our programs and services...


Meet Our Experts

Robert Craven

Known for his no-nonsense approach to business growth, Robert has worked with agencies and platforms from London to Dublin, from Singapore to New York.

Working closely with Google Partners, Robert helped develop Google’s own agency training program and continues to be project director in many of the EMEA countries.

Robert leads the team at the GYDA Member Hub.

Janusz Stabik

Janusz is a coach and digital strategist who helps agencies to define their vision, to manage and grow motivated and high performing teams, to execute projects better, to sell more of the right kind of work and ultimately to deliver more value to their clients and shareholders. He’s built, grown and exited his own digital agency and now works exclusively with agencies in the creative sector.

Janusz is lead coach at the GYDA Initiative. He also facilitates our programs and initiatives.

Philippa Dale-Thomas

Philippa is a business growth and leadership development coach with extensive experience in business and people management.  Her experience includes being managing director of a leading UK communications agency that grew to 130 people generating £15m revenue.

Philippa is an expert at people.  She works with businesses to help them build productive relationships and smart working practices that get the best out of people, deliver the right value for clients and ensure profitable, long-term success.

Jim McLaughlin

Jim helps companies grow. He has worked with over 100 clients in many sectors – both in the UK and internationally.

In recent years he has worked extensively with digital marketing agencies with specialties in PPC, web and application development, e-commerce, social marketing and content development.

Clients worked with include: Positive, Xanthos, Electric Airwaves, Vodaphone, Key Computers, Utility Cost Analysis, Wowi Digital, The Solutions Focus and Whitewater Marketing.

Pete Everett

Pete is a seasoned digital executive with over 20 years of experience at C-suite level. He has founded and exited his own agency (£2M revenue, 3 offices, UK and US), where he led projects for BBC, ITV, LVMH, Vodafone and New York University.

Pete now works with business owners as a coach and Advisory Board member, helping founders and leadership teams define strategy, build capacity and delivery long-term commercial success.

Pete is an analytic and holistic thinker. He’s happy to ask difficult questions in pursuit of valuable insights. With smart, simple methods he helps founders gain control of complexity inside their business and get more traction.

Craig Rodney

After founding, growing (for 15 years) and selling his agency to WPP, Craig now specialises in helping clients to understand the behaviours and structures at the core of every successful agency and then helps to build a focus on growth, profit and exit.

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