Course - Buy / Sell / Exit - Stick or Twist?

A mini-course aimed at Agency Owners who are looking to purchase another business or sell their own.

Interested in expanding your business and buying another agency? Or maybe you're ready to sell and move onto pastures new? You're in the right place!
This 15-part mini-course from GYDA Member Hub should give you the key information that you need to start the processes of buying or selling an agency!

Here's Robert to introduce the course...


The course includes:

  • ARTICLE: Time for A Sharp Exit! Options to Get Out of Your Business!
  • PRESENTATION: David Gilroy on Scaling Up and Buying Out your Business Partner
  • VIDEO: Robert Craven and Jonathan Jay discuss buying and selling
  • PODCAST: Julian Saipe on Exit
  • VIDEO: Robert Craven and Joe Hine of SI Partners discuss Mergers and Acquisitions
  • PRESENTATION: Dixon Jones on Exit, Sell or Retire
  • VIDEO: Jonny Tooze of LAB on Exit
  • PRESENTATION: Robert Craven on Grow to Sell or Grow to Keep
  • PODCAST - Google Partners - Alex Langshur and Tom Crowley on Selling Your Business
  • PRESENTATION: Gareth Healey - Lessons Learned and Insight from Scaling and Selling
  • VIDEO: Next Steps from Robert Craven
  • TEMPLATES: Downloads to help with Mergers and Acquisitions
  • CONNECTIONS: Complete to Make Buying or Selling Connections
  • ASSESSMENT: Finalisation of the Course!


All of this plus three months free membership to GYDA Member Hub!

Meet the experts who present the course...


Julian Saipe - Expert on Exit

Jonny Tooze - LAB - Agency Group Owner

Alex Langshur - Cardinal Path - sold to Dentzu

Gareth Healey - Exited his agency

Tom Crowley - Madison Alley Global Ventures

Joe Hine - SI Partners - M&A Expert

Jonathan Jay - Buying and Selling Trainer

Robert Craven - Digital Agency Expert

Dixon Jones - Scaled and Sold Majestic

David Gilroy - Conscious - Bought out his business partner

Learn Your Way, in Your Time.

Buy / Sell / Exit is a 15-part online course that you can access at any time and in any order. 

With over 5.75 hours of presentations, videos, podcasts and articles, the course is delivered in bite-size modules that you can dip in and out of. In your own time.

Topics include: Mergers, Acquisitions, Exit Options, Scaling an Agency plus much more... delivered with insight from our been-there-done-it experts.


Real-life Experts talking about Real-World Experience.

Learn the secrets of buying, selling and merging an agency, from the experts that do it daily and the agency owners that have been-there-and-done-it.

On completion of the course you'll have a deeper understanding of the process, the pitfalls, where to start and how to make the contacts you need.

The course concludes with a contact connection service and templates to help guide the process.


Frequently Asked Questions

Exit / Sell / Exit has 15 modules with over 5.75 hours of content to read, watch and listen to. 

There is no time-limit on the course, you can dip in and out when you have the time to learn more.

Included in the course price is three months membership to GYDA Member Hub. If you have not completed the course in this time and do not wish to extend your membership, we will be happy to provide the course material for you to download.

The course has been developed by GYDA Initiative and is delivered by our expert host Robert Craven.

Julian Saipe, Jonny Tooze, Joe Hine, Jonathon Jay – were all video- and audio-recorded in interviews with Robert Craven (2020).

Gareth Healey, Dixon Jones and David Gilroy – were all video recorded at the GYDA Summit on Exit (2019).

Alex Crowley and Alex Langshur recording is available online via Stitcher (What I wish I’d known - Google Partners Podcast).

Each module is delivered by a been-there-done-it expert. From agency owners that have bought and sold to experts working within Mergers and Acquisitions right now. 

You will learn real-world knowledge to help you navigate through the Buy / Exit / Sell process. 

By completing the course you should gain:

  • Knowledge to avoid the rookie errors and pitfalls made by others
  • A clear understanding of the process and your options
  • How to scale an agency
  • The team and people you need around you to make this happen
  • Insight from agency owners and experts
  • The secrets to success


Buy / Sell / Exit costs £250, which includes three months membership to GYDA Member Hub.