Our business consultants have grown their own agencies as well as those of our clients. We know about strategic growth pains because we have ‘been-there-and-done-it’. We have the scars from learning the hard way.

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Strategy Workout

Looking under the hood of your business

We have devised a system called the Strategy Workout which will enable you to explore, develop and design a Business Development Plan that is realistic, deliverable and based on sense-checking every aspect of the strategy.

The Strategy Workout asks three essential questions:

      • ‘Where are you now?’
      • ‘Where are you going?’
      • ‘How are you going to get there?’

At different stages, your business stresses and strains as management, admin, sales and marketing plans cease to be appropriate for the current stage of business growth.

Understanding your place in the business life-cycle is a starting point.

Questions key for Strategic Planning:

    • Will what got us here, get us there?
    • What do we want to be?
    • What are the opportunities? How can we exploit them?
    • What would success look like?

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Robert Craven

Janusz Stabik

Philippa Dale-Thomas

Gareth Healey

Pete Everett

Jim McLaughlin

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