Video - Gareth Healey on Stand Out or Die

In this GYDA talks, Robert talks to Gareth Healey about his new book 'Stand Out or Die.' Gareth is an agency coach who has been there and done it. He has over 25 years experience in the sector and for 15 years was the CEO and joint equity partner of his own £12.5M agency. Employing 175 people, and with offices in Leeds and London, Gareth’s business and was voted the Top Regional Advertising Agency in the UK by Campaign Magazine.

In 2017 Gareth exited his agency. He now focuses on helping other agency owners maximise their potential, grow their businesses and realise their dreams.


Stand Out or Die

Demand for digital services has exploded in recent years...but so has supply. The digital agency sector remains a highly competitive market. Anybody can set up a digital agency. Not everyone can grow one. In order to grow you need to stand out. You need to capture the attention of two different audiences; clients and talent. Both these groups are faced with an incredible amount of choice as to who to work with. Making the right choice is often something of a gamble. Will they choose your agency? This book will help you stack the odds in your favour.

Everybody wants to grow. Everybody wants to stand out. Everybody wants to know the secret of doing both.

Robert and Gareth discuss:

  • Why did you write the book?
  • What is the key message?
  • Why are so many agencies so mediocre?
  • What drives you mad about the agencies you see these days?
  • Classy tools that the book contains

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To learn more about Gareth's new book, Click Here.


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