Monthly Expert - Ital Sadan of Duda on Marketing Digital Marketing Agencies

In this GYDA Talks, Robert talks to Itai Sadan. Itai is the CEO and Co-Founder of Duda, a professional website builder for agencies and SaaS Platforms. Under Itai's leadership, Duda rapidly expanded its professional website builder product suite with an emphasis on empowering web professionals with cutting-edge tools to help them create beautiful conversion-driving websites at scale. To date, Duda hosts more than a million active websites that have been built by over 17,000 customers globally. Itai's expertise in the online presence and web design space has been cited by USA Today, Forbes, Inc., HuffPost, Search Engine Land, and more.

Robert and Itai discuss:

  • Marketing Digital Marketing Agencies
  • Duda – the platform and tools
  • Who are the 'agency' clients?
  • Why agencies should differentiate
  • Why agencies should niche and how
  • Getting the infrastructure and processes in place
  • How to charge and why you should have a subscription system

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