Video - Using Small Data and Humans to Give Great Customer Experience with Nigel T Packer

In this GYDA Talks, Robert talks to Nigel T Packer. Nigel is a Digital Customer Experience Consultant and Trainer.  He is also an author and digital business speaker. For over twenty-five years he has used his extensive knowledge and broad range of experiences to engage, educate and entertain business audiences across the UK and Europe. His subject expertise includes customer experience optimisation, customer experience journey mapping, e-Business strategies, effective website development, and International digital business strategy.  He heads a consultancy practice: PelaTis Online Ltd.

Your team make your business happen but without customers you will not have a business for long. This GYDA Talks will challenge your perceptions of your digital customers, helping you understand the digital journey and get ahead of your competitors through better customer experience.

 Robert and Nigel discuss:

  • The customer is cross
  • Effective vs efficient work
  • Tribes are bad
  • Why is it so bad now?
  • Think customer
  • Start with the customer needs first
  • CX vs CS
  • Speak their language

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