Video - Recruiting in 2022: The Top Five Challenges for Digital Agencies

In this GYDA Expert Seminar, Leon Milns of We Are Adam, joins Robert Craven to talk everything recruitment in 2022. They discuss what's happening in the digital agency space and the top five challenges facing every agency when recruiting.


The key points;

  • Shortage of talent and huge demand – how do you attract / entice / seduce the best people to leave and join you?
  • Retention – there’s a lack of stickability, heads are constantly being turned and people are jumping ship
  • Affordability – salaries are sky-rocketing, it’s a sellers market
  • Uniqueness of proposition – how are you standing out in a crowded market? Top candidates will have a handful of agencies chasing them!
  • Creating a compelling culture – the evolving post pandemic world. Remote vs in office, permutations of what people want vs business demands.

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